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Premium Spirits

Founded in 1864 in Fougerolles and chaired by Bernard Baud, Grandes Distilleries Peureux are continuing to write their story over the years, thanks to the involvement and passion of their workers.

A company of regional heritage, the Peureux group is honored to represent the richness of its expertise both within France and for export. Its constant search for excellence and innovation has allowed this family business to establish itself as a market leader in the Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & Fruit Liqueurs and fruit in liqueur industries.

Its high-end positioning, thanks to the quality of its products, has made it an indisputable major player in the world of spirits, and has led Distilleries Peureux to create synergies with its distiller colleagues... Because in this niche market, we are stronger together, and collaborations were set up with Bernard Baud, a major player in these strategic unions between distillers from Alsace and Franche-Comté.

Over the course of time, the plural noun “Grandes Distilleries Peureux” has become particularly apt, as it truly is a group that has taken shape through its name, in the true sense of the term...

... Every one of the distilleries in this group has retained its identity, its local flavor and its production site, as well as its workers. Family spirit is at the heart of these distilleries. It is a valuable asset which allows each one to step into the history of the company and be passionate about its ancestral expertise in the art of distillation.

The Peureux, Massenez, Lemercier and Coulin distilleries evolve in the same universe, and yet their individuality is their strength which allows them to innovate, day in day out, and to move forward together and conquer the market! Tradition can also go hand in hand with innovation, ambition and modernity... Premium Spirits is the perfect reflection of this.

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Griottines & Co

Griottines & Co

Small morello cherries in Kirsch and a Liqueur, Griottines® bring a touch of glamor to your recipes.

Concentrés de Cocktails

Concentrated Cocktail Mixes

These 18 Concentrated Cocktail Mixes were designed to make it easier to prepare cocktails while preserving good quality and exceptional flavors.

One measure of concentrated mix, two measures of fruit juice and a few ice cubes... to create an easy, stylish cocktail.

Garden Party

Garden Party

With Garden Party ®, Distillerie Massenez moves from the orchard to its vegetable garden!



Whether it's from the Massenez, Peureux, Lemercier or Coulin distillery, the group's fruit Eaux-de-Vie occupy the high-end segment of this small spirits market.

Crèmes & Liqueurs

Crèmes & Liqueurs

It's thanks to the time-honored expertise of the Master Liquorists and the strict selection of ingredients that Distillerie Massenez has been able to offer the best Crèmes & Liqueurs since 1870. Their smoothness, their perfect balance, and the elegance of their flavors makes these Crèmes & Liqueurs the most widely used in the bar industry... in the whole world!

Absinthes et apéritifs

Absinthes and aperitifs

A large producer of absinthe since 1811, the Lemercier distillery has established itself as an indisputable leader of this range of aperitifs and absinthes!

Vins Massenez

Massenez Wines

Vodka Perfect


These spirits, which are extremely fashionable, call upon the expertise of the master distiller... Created with a wheat base, the Perfect® and Grizzly vodkas are used by may mixologists, who love them for their smoothness and their origins... Made in France!

Purple Gin


Composed of multiple plants and grains, its recipe requires a certain mastery from the distiller and it appeals to bartenders thanks to its diverse aromatic notes.

Naturally potent, gin was the flavor of the day in the eighties and it became an essential part of mixology.

A very dry alcohol by nature, it attracts an educated and sophisticated clientele, and has become well known through famous cocktails such as Gin and Tonic or Gin Fizz, which have become indispensable in all fashionable spots.

In this universe which is at once masculine and traditional, Purple Gin® stands out because of its style and personality. Purple Gin® is rock ‘n’ roll, exclusive... and it’s even sweeter with some Griottines®!



The Louis Blanzey Whiskey is made in Scotland and has all the qualities of a good Scotch... a must-try!

Pierre Boueri, Our Advisory Barman

Pierre Boueri, barman conseil depuis 25 ans

Famous in the mixology world for the last 25 years, Pierre Boueri is a key figure in this sector. A trainer for the Georges V group, Barrière, Club Med, Pernod Ricard... The manager of prestigious bars in Miami and New York, and even the Head Barman and Advisory Barman for the Disney group in Paris and Orlando... His creative fluency and passion have opened doors for him in the most beautiful establishments all around the world.

It was during the 2000s that this cocktail adventurer crossed paths with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux... He loves a challenge, and not a small one: How can we reinvent Eaux-de-Vie and Crèmes & Fruit Liqueurs through fashionable cocktails?

After introducing Griottines® to the bar world, he created all of the group's cocktail menus and wrote the famous Miss Massenez cocktail recipes. The start of a grand adventure, unfolding over time and through the innovations at Grandes Distilleries Peureux!

Cocktail videos