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Premium Gourmet

Premium Gourmet, a given for Bernard Baud in which the spirit of the company can be qualified in one word: avant-garde.

While the expertise of Grandes Distilleries Peureux in the art of distillation and fruit maceration is indisputable, the family business must also adapt to its market and diversify. Its credentials in the gastronomy sector since 1950 drove it to set up the Griottines® Institute, which is both a superb boutique store and a laboratory for cuisine and culinary demonstrations.

All that was missing was a renowned chef who could make the most of the Grandes Distilleries Peureux products in the kitchen. Parallel to this, François and Marie Lachaux, who were born in the region, dreamed of returning to their routes... A meeting with Bernard Baud was all it took to propel them straight to the top of the Griottines® Institute in 2008.

François Lachaux – Best Craftsman in France – surrounded by his wife Marie and his team, spent every day working in the Griottines® Institute laboratory to try and develop recipes that were as indulgent as they were high quality.

From tests on the new distilleries’ products to specially crafted items sold in the boutique, every day is more intense, and the development of Premium Gourmet in France and on the international stage were a great omen for the biscuit workshop.

This means it is a true team opening up to give you the best possible quality: terrines, foies gras, jams, Griottins…

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Terrines, foies gras

Terrines, foies gras…

Griottines® Terrines are made using a unique, hand-made procedure based on top quality raw materials, developed by François Lachaux, Best Craftsman in France, in our kitchens at the Griottines® Institute in Fougerolles.

“Surrounded by my friends, my children and grandchildren, when I open and taste my beautiful terrines on a slice of toasted farmhouse bread, I always think to myself that sharing is such a joy! ”

François Lachaux

Confitures François Lachaux


Created in Fougerolles and developed by François Lachaux, Best Craftsman in France, at the Griottines® Institute, using exceptional, locally sourced raw materials, our jams have a unique taste and texture…

“Placing the fruit in a glass jar and giving it the best possible care to ensure that it bursts with flavor on your spoon is a delicate procedure which must be carried out using only the best quality ingredients, cooking them slowly in my trusty copper basin, right up until the precise moment that I stop the cooking. And that’s all... Now you be the judge! ”

François Lachaux



Discover THE supreme indulgence created by our Head Chef: A salted caramel butter, enriched with a touch of Griottines® juice without alcohol... to be used as a real spread!

And do we need to tell you that you can eat it by the spoonful, or put it on a crêpe, brioche...? For all food lovers!

The Head Chef

The Head Chef

François Lachaux, The Best Craftsman in France - Cuisine, is the Director of the Griottines® Institute at Grandes Distilleries Peureux, in Fougerolles.

A place of culinary creation and innovation, the Griottines® Institute is also a contemporary, boutique store dedicated to excellence: foies gras, terrines, jams, chocolates and other delicacies are prepared here with passion by the renowned chef, who also trains professionals here from the greatest Michelin-starred restaurants around the world.

Before beginning this adventure which has allowed him to reconnect with his home region, François Lachaux demonstrated his expertise and left a trail of prestigious, Michelin-starred establishments in his wake, including Les Bas Rupts in Gerardmer, and he even set up his own business in Gevrey Chambertin with La Sommellerie... Quite simply a passionate man and a great chef.

Past competitions between 1987 and 1993:

  • 1st in the final of Prosper Montagné in Metz, 1987
  • 2nd in the Taittinger Regional Competition (Alsace), four times
  • Selected to represent France at the first European Gastronomy Challenge in 1990 in Bordeaux, supported by Emile Jung (Le Crocodile in Strasbourg), placing 7th out of 12 candidates.

One of the Best Craftsmen in France Competition:

In 1993, selected for the final of the “Best Craftsman in France - Cuisine”, and in October, received the title of “ONE OF THE BEST CRAFTSMEN IN FRANCE, Cuisine Category”.