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Premium Gastronomie

Premium Gastronomie® is a division of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, which has been active all over the world since 2009, offering gastronomy industry professionals a portfolio of spirit brands adapted to their needs.

A global leader in producing fruit Eaux de Vie and in macerating fruits, the Grandes Distilleries Peureux group is active all over the world thanks to the quality of its products and its professionalism in the world of spirits, particularly in gastronomy.

“The confidence placed in us by the greatest chefs in the world is proof of the quality and the human scale of the business that allows us to maintain close links with our customers. The search for excellence and the will to offer our customers a choice that is as broad as it is high quality has led Premium Gastronomie® to grow and develop its range of products: If Griottines® are a major player on the world stage, then the same applies to the Massenez® Eaux-de-Vie and Liqueurs which are now available through Premium Gastronomie®.

The decision to offer a range of cooking alcohol with Les Toques Blanches® is also a strategic decision which meets the demands of our customers. We are ambitious, because our customers are too! ”

Bernard Baud,
Chairman of the Grandes Distilleries Peureux Group

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Fruit in Liqueur

Fruit in Liqueur

An essential partner for the greatest chefs around the world, Griottines® are deliciously flavorful Morello cherries that have been pitted and prepared in a liqueur, made using a unique recipe that is kept a closely guarded secret (15% vol.). Griottines® can be used in sweet or savory dishes, as well as cocktails, opening the doors to a whole world of creativity!

A must-try in their original form, but also macerated in Pastis La Bleue® from the Lemercier distillery, in a caterer's version macerated in a subtle vinegar, or in a 24% vol. for chocolatiers... or to decorate your most beautiful recipes, semi-candied with the stem attached!

In this range of macerated fruits, discover Crème de Cassis, Framboisines® which are variations on the classic Griottines® ! But there are also macerated grapes, which have been soaked in Marc de Gewurztraminer or in rum...

Camus Cognac®

Camus Cognac®

CAMUS® owes its international recognition to the richness and exceptional subtlety of flavour in its Cognacs, the complexity of which appeals to all the senses.

Camus Cognac® is available exclusively from Premium Gastronomie, in a format specifically for professionals.

XO, VSOP, Ile de Ré, Borderies XO, Borderies VSOP: a wide rage available to you, at 50% or 60% alc/vol.

Maison Camus has been ensuring the continuity of its expertise since 1863. Above and beyond love and respect for nature's produce, CAMUS culture is based on innovation and the search for exceptional aromatic qualities.

Massenez Eaux-de-Vie

VRP Massenez

Massenez Eaux-de-Vie are finally available for gastronomy, at 45% - 48% and 60% vol. ! Elegance in moderation thanks to their subtle, delicate flavor... Massenez Eaux-de-Vie add their delicate signature to your recipes and offer all of the classic flavors, including the famous Wild Raspberry.

Goyard Marc de Champagne® IG

Goyard Marc de Champagne® IG

A Marc de Champagne that is unique within France and finally available from Premium Gastronomie®!

For more than a century, the Distillerie Jean Goyard has been developing and refining its Eaux-de-Vie and ratafia at the heart of the Champagne wine region. During this time, it developed its expertise and techniques to offer incomparable quality and finesse.

Dom Pacello Royal Orange®

Dom Pacello Royal Orange®


An exceptional Orange Liqueur obtained by maceration and distillation of bitter and sweet oranges, dried and fresh zests.

A sophisticated Orange liqueur, a mix of power and elegance. Exclusive to Premium Gastronomie.

Inspired by the origins of the first Orangery in France, created by the famous Neapolitan master gardener DOM PACELLO is a Liqueur that takes you through history, immersing you in the summery, warm scents of freshly picked oranges…

DOM PACELLO ROYAL ORANGE® is one of the most beautiful liqueurs from the Distillerie Massenez and marks the excellence of an expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Calvados AOC Massenez®

Calvados AOC Massenez®


This Calvados from the Distillerie Massenez® is recognizable by its unique aromatic bouquet.

Fruity, intense notes recalling aromas of cider, an irresistible fullness and roundness and some caramelized woody notes, in all its subtlety... typical of Vieux Calvados.

A signature product by Massenez®.

Manou Massenez, representative of the 4th generation of this exceptional family company, associated herself with the Grandes Distilleries Peureux group in 2010.

La Cigogne

La Cigogne

La Cigogne® Eaux-de-Vie are 45% vol. and are made by blending the ingredients to create a full aromatic spectrum that is true to the original fruit. Intensity, strength and distinctiveness are the key features of this prestigious range, created especially for professionals of the gastronomy industry.

An essential product from this range: the Kirsch de Fougerolles AOC, 45% vol. !



Having been in the brand portfolio since the beginning of Premium Gastronomie®, rum is an essential part of French pâtisserie. Saint James® Arôme Royal rum is characterized by its delicacy, its fruity, sugar cane flavor and its strength (54% vol., 44% vol., 40% vol.). There is also an AOC Martinique version!

Premium Gastronomie® Rum completes this range of rum and has been specially developed for the gastronomy industry... Packing a flavorful punch of vanilla, banana and pineapple to enhance any of your crèmes pâtissières, mousses and buttercreams.

Beehive Brandy®

Beehive Brandy®

Beehive® is a French brandy from one of the oldest brandy producers in France, born in 1852 in Bordeaux.

Beehive brandy® is recognized for its superior quality and has won numerous medals throughout the world since 1884.

After a meticulous selection of the best grapes, Beehive Brandy® is aged for several years in oak barrels in magnificent Bordeaux cellars, with strict respect of traditions and according to the unique expertise of the Master Distiller.



The Label 5® Whiskey is an authentic Blended Scotch Whiskey, produced, aged and blended in Scotland with the greatest respect for Scottish traditions. A very balanced Scotch, marrying fruity and smoky notes, specially packaged for gastronomy (60% vol.).

The Glen Turner ® Pure Malt Whiskey states that it is slightly peaty and has sweet notes of vanilla... (60% vol.)

Castagnon Armagnac®

Castagnon Armagnac®

An Armagnac originating from Gers, in all its typicality.

Its grape varieties, originating from Ténarèze and Bas-Armagnac, balance each other out perfectly. While Folie Blanche brings finesse, Ugni Blanc imports a note of freshness and the Baco refines it all with its intensity and typical plum note.

Castagnon Armagnac® is produced by Distillerie Saint Vivant, in Condom in Gers… This Distillery was also known for its famous castle in Gajan, dating back to the 13th century…

Renovated in 2014, this distillery blends modernity and tradition, with an aging cellar of more than 3,000 hectolitres, dating back to 1978, and a production capacity of more than 700,000 bottles of Armagnac each year!

Golden Eight

Golden Eight®

Since its launch, the ultra-famous Golden Eight® Pear Liqueur has been so successful that chefs cannot resist the urge to use it in gastronomy! Its notes of vanilla and caramel, and the Pear Eau de Vie aged for at least 8 years that forms the basis of it will make all your recipes sublime... discover it now at 25% vol. !

Coeur de Passion®

Coeur de Passion®

The Coeur de Passion Concentrate offers powerful exotic notes, faithful to the flavour of the fresh purple fruit, the Passion fruit.

Add an exotic touch to your preparations, bring some freshness and an incomparable fruitiness to your pastry, chocolate and ice cream preparations… while retaining elegance and subtlety, thanks to a well-mastered measurement and the trusted expertise of Distilleries Peureux.

Limoncello Intenso

Limoncello Intenso

A real concentrate of natural lemon flavor, obtained by carrying out a double distillation of macerated lemon zest. To add some zing to your most beautiful recipes, without adding acidity. A magnificent product, a must-have for the greatest chefs, at 70% vol.



With an alcoholic volume of 60% vol., this amaretto is obtained according to a traditional Italian recipe, made up of extracts from fruit, plants, spices, almonds and hazelnuts... A gourmet spirit which adds delightful notes of almond and vanilla to all your recipes.

Garden Party

Garden Party®

Cucumber, Carrot, Basil, Thyme, Mushroom, Espelette Pepper, Cumin, Pepper… There are no less than 24 flavors available for chefs through Premium Gastronomie®!

A range that is unique in the distillery world, using vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices, distilled at Distillerie Massenez, following best practice.

To add an intensity of flavor to your recipes and add freshness in a natural form, but with the advantage of a stable flavor, and to allow chefs to keep up with the latest trends using these products created without artificial additives... This is the Garden Party® promise!

Distillations available at 50% vol. in 1l bottles, but also as a spray to boost the flavor of your recipes at the last moment... Or even as a liqueur at 25% vol.!

Concentrated Cocktail Mixes

Concentrated Cocktail Mixes

The Massenez Concentrated Cocktail Mixes Mojito, Cosmo, Pina Colada and Side Car are essential for chefs who want to offer ambitious, highly modern recipes based on cocktails!

Mojito ice cream, Pina Colada macaroons, Side Car sorbets, a Cosmo version of Rum Baba... A top quality range that is completely true to the original cocktails (60% vol.).

Absinthe Un Peureux


The famous Absinthe Un Peureux, relaunched on the 150th anniversary of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, is available for gastronomy professionals at 70% vol. Power, complexity and delicacy characterize this spirit made from the wormwood plant.

Toques Blanches

Les Toques Blanches


A full range of modified and natural spirits, selected by us for the gastronomy industry. Armagnac, Cognac, Calvados, Pastis, Marsala, White Wine, Madeira Wine, Port… all developed by Grandes Distilleries Peureux! Truly wonderful products!

Alcohol-free products

Alcohol-free products

While alcohol remains at the heart of everything we do at Grandes Distilleries Peureux, it is always important to be able to adapt and respond to our customers’ requirements... Our expertise in working with fruit has allowed us to create a version of Griottines® that is ALCOHOL FREE!

De-stoned and alcohol-free, but still very similar to the original Griottines®! A great achievement by all of the R&D teams and an astonishing result.

Similarly, Sweetened Griottines® are a wonderful alternative to the lightly kirsch liqueur of Griottines®. The alcohol-free version is perfect for toppings, fillings... or in mocktails* !

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