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Dear Customer, we draw your attention on our delivery conditions: we only deliver in France. If you wish to order our products, you need to fill in the delivery specifications with a French delivery address.

Peureux Experience®

Peureux Experience® offers an infinite range of flavors and colorants. When perfectly matched, these flavors and colorants are inseparable, both complementing the other and make perfect sense in your recipes...

Bringing them together is a real revelation of emotions and sensations.

Our expertise is guaranteed to meet your needs and assist all of your projects, whichever support you choose. Classic or innovative, natural or artificial, with or without alcohol, liquid or even as a powder... We adapt to your requirements to create a formula that will help your product realize its full potential.

As creative creators, our flexibility and passion drive us to bring customized projects together to find the perfect feeling that will flatter your senses and make your discoveries magnificent. The bespoke option is also a case of continuously questioning and researching the best raw materials needed to offer you constant high quality over time.

Peureux Experience® also ensures that all your technical requirements are met in a reliable fashion: Administrative constraints are constantly changing, and we are here to provide you with the technical support you need, whether it’s for your labels or giving you guidance on how to use our flavors and colorants, completely transparently and as soon as you need it! Your deadlines are our deadlines!

Colors and flavors, a duo that takes our taste buds on a journey... for sheer emotions and experiences that are truly out of the ordinary.

Contact us for a customized creation!

  • Spicy E
  • Citrus fruits AG
  • Fruity F
  • Exotic fruits FE
  • Dried fruits FS
  • Red fruits FR
  • Browns B
  • Herbs H
  • Vegetables LE
  • Pastries P
  • Yellow fruits FJ
  • Alcohols AL
  • Dairy LA
  • Floral FL
  • Delicacies G

Table of flavorings and colorants*

  • 01 Spicy E
  • 02 Citrus fruits AG
  • 03 Fruity F
  • 04 Exotic fruits FE
  • 05 Dried fruits FS
  • 06 Red Fruits FR
  • 07 Browns B
  • 08 Herbs H
  • 09 Vegetables LE
  • 10 Pastries P
  • 11 Yellow fruits FJ
  • 12 Alcohols AL
  • 13 Dairy LA
  • 14 Floral FL
  • 15 Delicacies G

* Pas de métaux ni de gaz dans notre tableau Aromatique & Colorant, rassurez-vous ! Des fruits, des épices, des couleurs… un vrai arc-en-ciel de saveurs !

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Our Flavours

Peureux Experience offers a range of specially developed flavors for professionals of the taste, which touches as well the artisan craftwork as the distributors and the industrialists.

This list is non-exhaustive, we can make made-to-measure projects. You will find synthetic flavours and natural flavours according to your wishes and labeling requirements.

These flavors affect various applications such as macaroons, ice cream, pastry cream, fruity dessert, meringues, cake dough, hard candies, etc.

» See our list of Flavours

Our Flavours

Alain Bec

Alain Bec

Having grown up in Rouergue, France – an area that is rich in local produce – and having spent hours behind the stove, familiarizing himself with smells and flavors, it is only natural that Alain Bec became passionate about cooking at a young age.

Having begun his career by combining chemistry with gourmet food, it was at the University of Montpellier that Alain refined his art for the future. Several experiences then followed – at Nestlé, Technic’Arômes, Couleurs d’Arômes – with each one leaving its mark and reinforcing his desire to go even further and find new challenges...

In 2015, as luck and good fortune would have it, Alain Bec met Bernard Baud, the CEO of Grandes Distilleries Peureux who was looking for external growth opportunities for the business. This challenge, through the Peureux Experience® department, instantly piqued the curiosity of this passionate connoisseur of taste and color... It presented a whole new world of possibilities which opened up to him in 2016! Meeting a craftsman’s requirements one day and an industrial manufacturer’s the next requires you to pose questions every day, but this bespoke development and diversity perfectly matches Alain’s personality, whose creativity knows no bounds!

Today, there is a whole team at Alain’s side which looks for solutions for industry professionals and customers of Grandes Distilleries Peureux. The synergies between the world of spirits, the world of gastronomy and the world of flavorings and colorants are huge, and this is the most fascinating part of creations by Peureux Experience®... Alain is a real culinary explorer, and his experience and knowledge of the sector are a real asset when it comes to creating, innovating... and of course adapting to our customers’ requirements!

Our Colourants

Peureux Experience offers a range of water soluble powder colourants for fine bakery, ice cream, confectionery,…

You will find natural source colourants and synthetic colourants according to the quality and visual of your product.

» See our list of Colourants

Our Colourants

Orange blossom flavoring, unique in the world!

Atelier Cocktails

Concentrated Orange Blossom Flavoring

Thanks to its concentrated formula, you can use it in your macaroons, nougats, marshmallows or other recipes that are sensitive to the moisture that comes with a non-concentrate version.

  • Compact format, more economical and ecological: 250ml.
  • Standard measurement: 10 ml per 1 l of water.
  • With one 250 ml bottle = 25 l.
  • Save storage space.
  • After it has been opened, there are no microbiological issues and it has a minimum expiry date of 2 years!
Atelier Cocktails

Diluted Orange Blossom Flavoring

An essential product for the laboratories of bakers & pastry chefs.

Its subtle flavor gives pastries a hint of the Mediterranean, and you will be taken away by its relaxing aroma.

Food Flavors and Colouring - Composition and Informations

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