Un Peureux® Absinthe
  • Un Peureux® Absinthe
  • Un Peureux® Absinthe
  • Un Peureux® Absinthe
  • Un Peureux® Absinthe

Un Peureux® Absinthe

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50 cl, 48% vol.


For their 150th birthday, Grandes Distilleries Peureux relaunched UN PEUREUX®, inspired by the original recipe from 1864.

The plants are rigorously selected based on the original recipe books, macerated and distilled in small quantities with the greatest care, revealing their distinctive flavor: large and small wormwood; green aniseed, fennel, wild celery, lemon balm, hyssop, speedwell,... A unique bouquet, rich in freshness, and with complex fragrances that are typical of absinthe, with a “natural” color.

UN PEUREUX® is supplied at 48% vol.: the perfect level to optimally extract the flavors of the plants without the bitter, herbal characteristics being too strong and overpowering the taste...

It is down to each individual to explore the unique organoleptic properties of this absinthe depending on dilution, with chilled water delicately poured drop by drop over this divine elixir...

500ml, in a case, 48% vol.

Our tasting tip: pour 5 measures of water over one measure of UN PEUREUX® absinthe.

This tasting note comes from a prestige tasting in Bordeaux, by Sommeliers International, in 2015. 80 sommeliers and among them 12 Best Sommeliers of the World.

Visual aspect : beautiful hue, golden disk Nose : powerful, vivid, very scented, vegetal, slightly spicy. Palate : Incredible, pure, with a lovely complexity. Notes of plants, rich development, tangy, a hint of bitterness, slightly floral. Long and deep finish. Comments : a high end well-crafted absinthe.

Bronze Médaille de Bronze au China Wine and Spirits Awards 2015.

Médaille d'Argent au Inside Food And Spirits Competition 2018.

Médaille de Bronze au IWSC 2016, Londres.

Médaille d'Or au IWSC 2015, Londres.