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Cherry power

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The outcome of a meeting of two worlds...

Naturally potent, gin was the flavor of the day in the eighties and it became an essential part of mixology. Pvrple Gin® is the result of distilling juniper berries, coriander, calamus, angelica, iris, lemon zest and grain of paradise... all meticulously selected and macerated in corn ethanol, which bestows a smoothness unlike any other to the taste. A very dry alcohol by nature, it attracts an educated and sophisticated clientele, and has become well known through famous cocktails such as Gin and Tonic or Gin Fizz, which have become indispensable in all fashionable spots.

Rock & Glam

In this universe which is both masculine and traditional, Pvrple Gin® stands out because of its style and personality. Pvrple Gin® is rock ‘n’ roll, exclusive... and it’s even sweeter with some Griottines®! These famous little cherries soaked in liqueur, which are beyond any doubt a feminine symbol, add a touch of sensuality and indulgence. Both round and crisp, they are a cocktail’s most charming asset, taking you to a world of pleasure... Irresistible, they are the touch of extravagance that makes Pvrple Gin® unique!

Pvrple Gin® unites these two worlds, between tradition and sweet folly, and flaunts a Rock & Glam style, which can be seen from its tattooed casing and its purple color... like an indelible imprint, symbolic of an entire universe. Its design is a snapshot of sensations and the emotions experienced when tasting this gin... the meeting of Yin and Yang, with a duality between intensity and smoothness, a synergy that envelops every level of its flavor.

An exceptional gin

A surprising character, akin to the sensation of eating a tart bonbon: you will be struck by its roundness but also by its inimitable, almost indescribable character. Pvrple Gin®, is a whole world in itself... which could be why fans taste it neat, just as it is.

Its originality consists in the final touch of Griottines® at the moment of bottling. These little wild cherries give it both its light shade of purple as well as a note of tartness, giving an incomparable depth to this exceptional gin, achieved through maceration and distillation. An in-depth tasting reveals different levels: from floral aromas, then spices... and herbaceous notes dressing the first phase of tasting. Then the mouth meets with the warmth of fruits. The Griottines® bring notes of sweet almond, lightly tart, with a surprising character.

An exceptional gin, through which the Grandes Distilleries Peureux express all their savoir-faire, after more than 150 years.


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