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Distillerie Émile Coulin

La Haute-couture!

  • eaux-de-vie Coulin
  • Exceptional Eaux-de-Vie

    A distillery that is inextricably linked with life in Fougerolles, with exceptional Eaux-de-Vie made from blends produced in-house and by local home distillers... Each one of these precious elixirs from the Coulin distillery is packaged in their traditional glass decanters... The rarity of its products make them true works of art symbolizing the “haute-couture” of French Eaux-de-Vie, by Coulin.

  • Coulin spirits

    Renowned for the exceptional quality of its Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & fruit Liqueurs, the Coulin distillery offers a wide range of spirits, both in classic flavors and some more unusual ones...

    Discover the famous AOC Kirsch de Fougerolles, as well as pear, raspberry, Mirabelle and prune eaux-de-vie, aged for an exceptionally long period of time, spirits made from rare berries, fruit in liqueur, and also the famous Délice du Chalot which beautifully marries the Vosges Blueberry with the AOC Kirsch de Fougerolles.

    Exceptional products which are signatures of French luxury.

  • Bâtiment Coulin

The haute-couture of eaux-de-vie

  1. The early stages


    At Number 12, Rue de la Gare, the current location of the Coulin distillery, François-Xavier Hoyon had already been distilling his own products for almost thirty years!

  2. The birth of the Coulin distillery


    Emile Coulin set up his distillery business, at that time located on Route de Plombières.

  3. The fusion of two distilleries


    The marriage of Miss Henriette Hoyon and Mr Emile Coulin brought the two families together, sealing the fusion of the two distilleries.

  4. Expansion in Fougerolles


    Emile Coulin took over the clientèle of several distilleries in Fougerolles the surrounding areas, such as the Arthur Barret distillery (founded in 1821), the René Sirace distillery) (the old Nabord-Mougin distilleries, founded in 1892), the Charles Gross brand and the J. Larrière company. This was until 1990.

  5. Coulin, from father to son


    Coulin merged these many distilleries together while passing the baton to his son, Mr Henry Coulin. For almost a century, the Coulin generations had passed their unique knowledge on, sharing the exceptional flavors of their eaux-de-vie of a very rare quality.

  6. Distillery taken over by Roger Coulin


    Mr Roger Coulin, the grandson of the founder, took control of the family distillery, always on the hunt for new ideas, inspiration and original textures.

  7. Unparalleled expertise


    From 1981 to today, the Coulin distillery has continued to develop its expertise and is able to offer a whole range of Eaux-de-Vie, Crèmes & fruit Liqueurs, fruit in liqueur... not forgetting its unique Délice du Chalot!