Massenez VRP Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie
  • Massenez VRP Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie
  • Massenez VRP Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie
  • Massenez VRP Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie
  • Massenez VRP Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie

Massenez VRP Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie

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40% vol.

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An iconic Eau-de-Vie from Distillerie Massenez... due to its history, but also its exceptional finesse!

Eugène Massenez developed this prestigious, 40% vol. Eau-de-Vie for the first time in 1913, and since then his exact recipe still remains one of our best kept secrets.
The Raspberry Eau-de-Vie from the Massenez distillery stands out due to its delicacy, finesse and balance. An subtle emotional experience that is true to the fragility of its original fruit.

This eau-de-vie is one of the Massenez distillery’s best sellers and is exported all over the world.

A Wild Raspberry Eau-de-Vie that has received a huge number of awards at several International Competitions:

  • IWSC_gold Gold Medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015in London, 2016!
  • winemag Rated 84/100 in the famous American guide, Wine Enthusiast!
  • Gold Medal at the World Competition in Brussels, and at the World Spirits Competition in Canada, 2014.


Appearance: clear and colorless, with a brilliance that is characteristic of Fruit Eaux-de-Vie.

Nose: direct with a distinct fragrance of Raspberry, with no discordant notes. This sustained nose highlights the quality of the original fruit selection and the delicacy of the distillation. The raspberry note is immediately identifiable as a freshly picked fruit.

A fruity, floral flavor that is very volatile, making it truly tempting to taste.

Palate: in terms of flavors, a gradation that is traditional among fruit eaux-de-vie, split into 3 main organoleptic notes:

  • Very subtle floral notes of white flowers.
  • Intense fruity notes, with an initial perception of fresh fruit which is overlapped by ripe fruit and the fruit in the form of a jam or preserve.
  • Very noticeable spiced notes at the finish, creating the final phase of this organoleptic profile.

Médaille « Gold Outstanding » au IWSC Londres, 2020

Médaille “Trophy 2020” au IWSC Londres, 2020

Or Médaille d'Or Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Plovdiv Bulgarie, 2018.

Médaille d'Argent au Cathay Pacific Hong-Kong IWSC, 2018.

Médaille de Bronze au  Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018.

Médaille d'Argent au  Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2017.

Médaille de Bronze au Cathay Pacific Hong-Kong IWSC, 2017.

Médaille d'Or au IWSC Londres, 2016.

IWSC_gold Médaille d'Or et "Gold Outstanding" au IWSC Londres, 2015.

winemag Notée 84/100 sur le célèbre guide américain Wine Enthusiast !

Médaille d'Or au Concours Mondial des Spiritueux de Bruxelles, 2014.

Médaille d'Or au Concours Mondial des Spiritueux du Canada, 2014.