Massenez Morello Cherry Crème
  • Crème de Griotte Massenez

Massenez Morello Cherry Crème

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20% vol.

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The Massenez Morello Cherry Crème is characterized by its powerful, fleshy, indulgent flavors.
The sugar from the fruit is perfectly balanced with the touch of acidity at the core, discovered in the middle of tasting.

An exceptional crème, a signature of Massenez's quality.

Massenez Crèmes & Liqueurs are renowned worldwide for their quality and unparalleled flavors...

The greatest mixologists request this Massenez range, both in France and in the United States, in Australia or even in Asia to prepare their cocktails.

Appearance: Black with slight hints of red, reminiscent of Morello cherries.

Nose: A direct nose with the distinctive fragrance of Morello cherry. Its nose is reminiscent of ripe, freshly picked fruit.

Palate: The taste of the fruit explodes in the mouth. An immediate taste of Morello cherries, sweet fruit, veering towards candied fruit or jam. Then a slight bitterness balances out this ensemble of fruity flavors to create the perfect finishing note.