Massenez Green Apple Liqueur
  • Liqueur de Pomme Verte Massenez

Massenez Green Apple Liqueur

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18% vol.

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The Massenez Green Apple Liqueur is very true to the original fruit. The freshness of the apples, their sweetness and their acidity all come through in this liqueur.

An exceptional liqueur, renowned for its unique flavor.

Massenez Crèmes & Liqueurs are renowned worldwide for their quality and unparalleled flavors...

The greatest mixologists request this Massenez range, both in France and in the United States, in Australia or even in Asia to prepare their cocktails.

Appearance: Colorless, crystal-clear. A truly beautiful brilliance. A great fluidity in the glass.

Nose: The nose is well-rounded, expressive and intense. The aromas and the acidity of the fruit come through clearly.

Palate: An intense attack on the palate, marked by the sugar of the fruit and then balanced out by a touch of acidity, with the distinctive taste of green apple. The finish is long and allows a very light citrus flavor to come through.

Médaille d'Argent au Concours Mondial des Spiritueux du Canada, 2014.