Massenez Ginger Decanter in a case

Massenez Ginger Decanter in a case

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70 cl, 40% vol.


A signature of Massenez’s expertise, this Ginger Brandy is an expression of the perfect mastery of distillation applied to ginger root to extract its highly distinctive essence.

A unique creation, this spirit is a real work of art that thoroughly deserves its hand-crafted decanter to encase it.

This Ginger Brandy will enhance all your cocktails!

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Appearance: Clear and colorless, with a brilliance and transparency that is characteristic of white Eaux-d-Vie.

Nose: Direct with a distinct fragrance of ginger, with no discordant notes. This intense nose highlights the quality of the root selection and the expert level of distillation.

A very full-bodied but subtle and lingering flavor, making it truly tempting to taste.

Palate: An Eau-de-Vie that stands out due to its intensity and its strong structure, typical of ginger. Intense notes which explode on the palate with all the power and refinement expected from this plant. In the next phase, lighter and more subtle floral notes blossom on the palate, with a light, refined, lingering flavor.