Massenez Dijon Blackcurrant Crème
  • Crème de Cassis de Dijon Massenez
  • Crème de Cassis de Dijon Massenez

Massenez Dijon Blackcurrant Crème

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20% vol.


The Dijon Blackcurrant Crème from the Massenez distillery is renowned around the world for its unique flavor. The unctuousness and roundness of this crème are a signature of the quality of Massenez’s Crème & Liqueurs.

The Blackcurrant Crème from the Massenez distillery can be enjoyed with champagne or Crémant, in a cocktail or even on ice, as well as on desserts or in a fruit salad to boost the flavors.

Massenez Crèmes & Liqueurs are renowned worldwide for their quality and unparalleled flavors...

The greatest mixologists request this Massenez range, both in France and in the United States, in Australia or even in Asia to prepare their cocktails.

Appearance: A deep, ruby-red color, with a bluish tinge and a density caused by its sugar content.

Nose: Direct with a distinct fragrance of blackcurrant, with no discordant notes. This intense nose highlights the quality of the original fruit selection. A very fruity, lingering flavor that makes it truly tempting to taste.

Palate: An unctuousness that is immediately perceptible. Fruity flavors that explode in the moth and lead to a delicate sweetness, finally giving way to a touch of acidity to create a perfect balance of flavors. Harmony and sweetness for this exceptional crème.