Massenez Blackberry Crème
  • Crème de Mûre Massenez

Massenez Blackberry Crème

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20% vol.

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The Massenez Blackberry Crème is rich in flavor, marked by the intensity of the fruit. A true olfactory sweetness, it is very sweet upon tasting but is also harmoniously balanced out by a touch of acidity, typical of blackberries.

Massenez Crèmes & Liqueurs are renowned worldwide for their quality and unparalleled flavors...

The greatest mixologists request this Massenez range, both in France and in the United States, in Australia or even in Asia to prepare their cocktails.

Appearance: A bluish color, quite dark, with some violet hues. A pure color that stays very true to the original fruit.

Nose: A fresh nose with a beautiful aromatic strength.

Palate: A direct attack on the palate, a ripe fruit is revealed, allowing the roundness of the fruit to come through. This sweet flavor is quickly counter-balanced by the natural acidity of the fruit. This balance gives the crème an unparalleled character, depth and flavor.