Massenez Apricot Liqueur
  • Liqueur d’Abricot Massenez

Massenez Apricot Liqueur

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25% vol.


The Massenez Apricot Liqueur stays relatively true to the taste of the original fruit, picked when ripe. Round and unctuous.... A velvety, brilliant crème, quite simply reminiscent of the flesh of the original fruit.

Massenez Crèmes & Liqueurs are renowned worldwide for their quality and unparalleled flavors...

The greatest mixologists request this Massenez range, both in France and in the United States, in Australia or even in Asia to prepare their cocktails.

Appearance: Orange in color, velvety, a full texture, a visibly dense body.

Nose: A nose that is true to the original fruit. Fruity, sweet and fleshy.

Palate: An attack on the palate that is quite simply true to the initial olfactory impression. The fruit is clearly noticeable. Its sweet, fruity flavor is very pronounced, allowing a slight touch of acidity to come through at the finish: the core then balances out this liqueur and gives it a certain freshness.