Lemercier Guignolet Kirsch
  • Lemercier Guignolet Kirsch

Lemercier Guignolet Kirsch

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100 cl, 15% vol.


A typical aperitif of the region, Guignolet Kirsch is beverage that is ruby-red in color. Fresh and light, it is made using only sweet cherries and Morello cherries. It is created by macerating these rigorously selected cherries in alcohol with Kirsch.

Guignolet Kirsch gets its name from the “guigne”, or gean sweet cherry, which is one of the species of cherry used in its preparation.

It can be drunk as an aperitif, well chilled without ice, or depending on your taste, with Kirsch, gin, or even vodka.

The Guignolet Kirsch from Distillerie Lemercier received the Bronze Sigille at the 15th International Fruit Eaux-de-Vie and Liqueurs Competition in 2010 in Metz, and the silver medal at the World Competition in Brussels in 2003.