Lemercier Abisinthe, 45% vol.
  • Abisinthe Lemercier 45% vol.

Lemercier Abisinthe, 45% vol.

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45% vol.


Produced by Distillerie Lemercier Frères, this absinthe named ABISINTHE is made by following the distillery's original absinthe recipes to the letter. The plants and seeds are carefully selected, then macerated and distilled. The absinthe is left to age for 9 months in tanks stored in the storage cellar before being sold.

The plants and seeds used in this recipe are wormwood, mugwort, fennel, green aniseed and star anise... The thujone level is less than 10mg per liter.

Tasting: Pour a measure of Absinthe into a large, tall glass, then place the absinthe spoon onto the rim of the glass, place one or half a sugar cube on top of it (according to taste), and pour 5 measures of cold water over the sugar cube, drop by drop so that it slowly dissolves. Then all that’s left to do is enjoy.