La Cigogne® Prisoner Pear, boxed
  • La Cigogne® Prisoner Pear, boxed

La Cigogne® Prisoner Pear, boxed

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70 cl, 45% vol.


After the bottle has been placed in a net and suspended on the pear tree when flowering, the flower is delicately inserted into the bottle at the end of its branch, usually in March. This is the first selection. The most promising flowers are then ‘prisoners’ inside the bottles, which will then transform completely naturally into the fruit whilst inside it.

It is then in August or September that the delicate, expert hands of the harvesters cut the umbilical cord to remove the bottle and its precious contents. The pear is then completely imprisoned in the bottle and covered in Poire Williams pear eau-de-vie.

In this way, magnificently housed inside its decanter, the ‘Prisoner Pear’ and its mysterious character illustrate an age-old “sleight of hand”. Its presence is the best guarantee of a fragrant, powerful taste that will never fade over time.

700ml in a green presentation box, 45% vol.