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Dear Customer, we draw your attention on our delivery conditions: we only deliver in France. If you wish to order our products, you need to fill in the delivery specifications with a French delivery address.

Griottines® Embassies

Bernard Baud, Chairman of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, created the Griottines® Embassies with the aim of rewarding the great chefs around the world for their work and trust in the brand, but also to allow gourmet food lovers to identify the most outstanding restaurants showcasing Griottines® in their dishes.

With customers worldwide, Griottines® have been able to impress consumers and bring a touch of glamor and indulgence to the gastronomy industry, whether within France or internationally... and with every new Griottines® Embassy, this little Franche-Comté legacy is enhanced by the restaurants of great chefs.

In 2012, Grandes Distilleries Peureux awarded its first Griottines® Embassy title in the world, to La Pyramide in Vienne, France, which has 2 Michelin stars and whose chef, Patrick Henriroux, is also a patron of the Griottines® Institute in Fougerolles. The 2nd Griottines® Embassy title was awarded in 2013 to the Michelin-starred restaurant by Christian Pilloud, “Mon Plaisir”, in Chamesol, France. It then returned to the Haute-Saône region with Jean-Michel Turin, who proudly affixed his Griottines Embassy plaque to the front of his Michelin-starred restaurant at Château de Vauchoux in 2014. Finally, in 2015, it was La Résidence du Val D’Ajol who received this well-deserved accolade, not far from the distillery!

The Griottines® spirit…

Griottines® is a symbol of fine food, warmth, sharing... It is above all a state of mind, both within the Grandes Distilleries Peureux company as well as among its customers, who in choosing Griottines® have opted for quality, French expertise and, ultimately, genuine good taste. This state of mind can be found in all of the Griottines® Embassies, and this plaque, which can be recognized by its logo of small morello cherries, can be seen as a recognition of true values that unite us and that we must preserve. Because going to a restaurant today is no longer just about the cuisine; the customer is looking for authenticity, sincerity, both on their plate and in the staff that surround the chef. A certain chemistry that Grandes Distilleries Peureux looks for in all of its Griottines® Embassies.

The Griottines® Embassy principle

As part of receiving their Griottines® Embassy title, the recipient must commit to showcasing this brand, a flagship product of Grandes Distilleries Peureux, by permanently offering it on at least one starter, main or dessert on their menu, and having documentation about it available to their guests.

Grandes Distilleries Peureux stays in close contact with its Embassies, informing them of exclusive new developments, sending samples upon request, hearing their views and seeking their advice on all events or recipe creations that could enhance the expertise of the chef and his or her establishment.

Are you a chef who wants to become a Griottines® Ambassador?

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La Pyramide**


14 Boulevard Fernand Point,
38200 Vienne, France

Tel : +33 4 74 53 01 96
Website : lapyramide.com

Opening hours:

Monday: 12:00–13:30, 19:30–22:30
Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 12:00–13:30, 19:30–22:30
Friday: 12:00–13:30, 19:30–22:30
Saturday: 12:00–13:30, 19:30–22:30
Sunday: 12:00–13:30, 19:30–22:30

Mon Plaisir*


22 Lieu-dit Journal
25190 Chamesol, France

Tel: +33 3 81 92 56 17
Website: restaurant-mon-plaisir.fr

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12:15–13:45, 19:15–21:00
Thursday: 12:15–13:45, 19:15–21:00
Friday: 12:15–13:45, 19:15–21:00
Saturday: 12:15–21:00
Sunday: 12:15–14:00

Le château de Vauchoux*


34 Grande Rue
70170 Vauchoux, France

Tel: +33 3 84 91 53 55
Website: chateaudevauchoux.fr

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 12:00–22:00
Friday: 12:00–22:00
Saturday: 12:00–22:00
Sunday: 12:00–22:00

La Résidence Cédric Bongeot


5 Rue des Mousses
88340 Le Val-d'Ajol, France

Tel: +33 3 29 30 68 52
Website: la-residence.com/le-restaurant/

Opening hours:

Monday: 12:15–22:00
Tuesday: 12:15–22:00
Wednesday: 12:15–22:00
Thursday: 12:15–22:00
Friday: 12:15–22:00
Saturday: 12:15–22:00
Sunday: 12:15–22:00