Griottines® 1L Le Parfait
  • Griottines® 1L Le Parfait
  • Griottines® 1L Le Parfait
  • Griottines Original 15% 1L Le Parfait et coffret
  • Griottines Original 15% 1L Le Parfait Coffret

Griottines® 1L Le Parfait

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100 cl, 15% vol.

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1 liter "Le Parfait", 15% vol.

Met with critical acclaim all over the world,Griottines® are deliciously flavorsome Morello cherries that have been pitted and prepared in a liqueur, made using a unique recipe that is kept a closely guarded secret.

The 1 liter ‘Le Parfait’ jar is the perfect format for culinary use.

Expiration date: at least 1 year.

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Delicious pitted Morello cherries, both crunchy and tender due to the generosity of their flesh. An incomparable flavor that has never been matched!

Médaille d’argent au Cathay Pacific Hong-Kong IWSC, 2019

Médaille d'Argent au Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018

Médaille d'Or aux SIP Awards - IRVING, USA 2016