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Williams Pear Liqueur.

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Golden Eight®

"THE" signature of a great Poire Williams liqueur

Armed with its know-how as a distiller and liquorist for almost 150 years, the Distillerie Massenez gives its Poire Williams liqueur a great signature name, Golden Eight®, enhanced by blending its pear eaux-de-vie aged over eight years.

An iconic liqueur

Created in 1870, the Distillerie Massenez has since perfected its first Poire Williams liqueur recipe. Unlike other bitter orange or vegetable-based great French liqueurs, the Poire Williams liqueur still lacked a great name. With Golden Eight®, Bernard Baud, Chairman of the Grandes Distilleries Peureux, owner of Massenez, aims to fill that void: "Its name should clearly evoke the quality of the product. “Eight" is the age of the youngest Poire Williams eau-de-vie forming part of the blend and Golden Eight® characterizes its magnificent amber color with hints of gold".

Made up of a blend of exceptional 8-year-old and older Poire Williams eaux-de-vie, Golden Eight® enhances the purity of the fruit. To equip it with a gourmet personality, the Master Liquorists of the Distillerie Massenez have completed this outstanding blend with a vanilla note and a touch of real caramel, obtained from melted sugar and some closely guarded aromatic secrets.

The essence of the know-how at Distillerie Massenez

In a single bottle, this new flagship product brings together all of the know-how of this venerable house. That of its Master Distillers who have created the Poire Williams eaux-de-vie that form the basis of the recipe.

Out of all the Poire Williams eaux-de-vie aged for at least 8 years, they have carefully selected the most extraordinary ones to ensure a blend conveying roundness, fruitiness and floral scents.

It is also that of the Master Liquorists, with the experience of a house with almost 150 years of history, who have managed to enhance this blend to transform it into a liqueur of infinite indulgence, while giving it a balance of remarkable freshness.

Without the perfect mastery of each of these skills, Golden Eight® could never have been achieved.

The bottle

We needed a bottle worthy of holding this exceptional liqueur. Belonging to the Distillerie Massenez since the 1960s, this magnificent decanter in the shape of a pear has been revived to serve as the vial for this new elixir.

Tasting ritual


A genuine liqueur at 25% vol., Golden Eight® must follow a tasting ritual in order to reveal all the aromas and the complexity. It is not to be consumed at room temperature, but rather on ice or chilled in a whiskey glass with the ideal shape to emit the irresistible scent.

Tasting notes

Tasting Golden Eight® is an invitation to indulge

Its first nose expresses the purity of the fruit with richness and power. The Poire Williams unfolds into a fine maturity, almost candied. It is accompanied by the vanilla and caramel notes transporting you to a highly gourmet, pâtissier register in which aromas of marzipan are mixed on a sour background, maintaining great freshness overall.

In the mouth, Golden Eight® fills your palate with a fine, succulent substance with the intense flavors of Poire Williams. The roundness comes through in all of its splendor with vanilla and caramel tones in a perfect balance and an incredibly long finish that makes this liqueur a real indulgence.

In a cocktail

Due to its incredible indulgence, Golden Eight® can restyle the classics of mixology.

Example cocktail: Golden Eight Spritz

Place ice in a Piscine glass and pour in:

  • 40ml GOLDEN EIGHT Pear Liqueur
  • 30ml cranberry juice
  • A dash of sparkling water
  • Add Crémant d’Alsace / Champagne or Prosecco.
  • For the final touch, add a slice of orange.

Find all our Golden Eight® cocktail recipes on our website: Golden Eight® Cocktail Recipes


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