Fougerolles A.O.C. Kirsch, boxed

Fougerolles A.O.C. Kirsch, boxed

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70 cl, 45% vol.


The Fougerolles A.O.C. Kirsch is finally available!

Over 40 years after the first request, our branch finally obtained the Fougerolles A.O.C. Kirsch in May 2010, and this is its unique bottle, specially engraved with the mark of Fougerolles, Le Bô: 700ml in a red presentation box, also with the Fougerolles stamp!

A few facts and figures about this Kirsch from the AOC of Fougerolles (Haute-Saône / Bourgogne region - Franche-Comté):

  • An AOC in Franche-Comté, born in 2010 after a battle of over 40 years!
  • A defined geographical area covering 11 municipalities between Haute-Saône and Vosges.
  • More than 10,000 trees counted within the designated area.
  • A potential annual production of 500 tonnes of cherries, making 35,000 liters of Fougerolles Kirsch.
  • An AOC with around a hundred people involved in it: cherry producers, home distillers, harvesters, master distillers...

700ml in a red presentation box, 45% vol.

Kirsch is a cherry eau-de-vie. In May 2010, after several long years of procedures, the Fougerolles Kirsch finally obtained the label of AOC: “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”, or Protected Designation of Origin. This is the recognition of a product that is firmly rooted in the land of the Fougerolles region.

The characteristics of the terrain make it an excellent place for growing cherry trees.
The cultivation of these cherry trees and their distillation is an important activity for the area.
Fougerolles Kirsch is only the 4th eau-de-vie or brandy in France to receive the AOC label, after Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac.

A Kirsch Eau-de-Vie that is typical of Fougerolles, with light almond notes and a beautiful finish on the palate.

Médaille de Bronze au Concours Général Agricole 2020, France.

Médaille d'Or au Concours Général Agricole 2018, France.

Médaille d'Argent au Inside Food And Spirits Cometition 2018.

Médaille de Bronze au IWSC 2016, Londres.

Médaille de Bronze au IWSC 2015, Londres.