Baie Bleue Liqueur
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Baie Bleue Liqueur

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16% vol.

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Extreme elegance...

Baie Bleue®, a unique liqueur made from an infusion of blueberries from Les Vosges, an infusion of cherries and a dash of Fougerolles AOC Kirsch.

This aperitif liqueur can be enjoyed straight, over ice and is a proud symbol of the rich regional heritage of Les Vosges.

Serving suggestions:

Baie Bleue® can be served straight, over ice and even as a long drink for an aperitif! This liqueur can also give a boost to your desserts: fruit salad, sorbets, etc.

Cocktail idea:

Put a few ice cubes in a large goblet glass, then add 6 cl BB, top up with tonic + a thin slice of orange.
Gourmet tip: use cranberry or apple juice instead of tonic. 

A little history...

Les Vosges blueberries used to make Baie Bleue® liqueur are hand-picked in the Vosges massif overlooking Fougerolles where you can find the Emile Coulin distillery. Very hardy in cold weather, this little berry is perfectly suited to these neighbouring mountains.

The blueberries from Les Vosges are wild blueberries from North America, a cousin to the traditional blueberry but different in its pale yellow flesh, size and flavour. To protect this fruit that has been harvested in Les Vosges since the 1980s, the Bluet des Vosges trademark has been registered.

Les Vosges may represent the lowest and smallest of the French massif mountain ranges but they still have lower temperatures at equal altitude with a rain-snow level far lower than the Alps. This can be explained by its high latitude. Which is why the damp and cold climate of Les Vosges is so dreaded and compared to Scottish weather!

Fougerolles AOC Kirsch is produced at the foot of Les Vosges in Fougerolles and nearby and must meet a strict set of specifications in order to enjoy this famous but recent appellation.

The colour is dazzling, a deep purple red. The bouquet is fruity, wavering between ripe cherries and blueberries. A great introduction - very promising.

The blueberries from Les Vosges add a delicate, subtle and fresh touch that gives this liqueur the perfect balance of generous fruit and elegance.

The finish is light, over aromas of summer berries - perfectly flawless.

A light delicateness typical of blueberries from Les Vosges.

Silver Medal - IWSC 2020 - London.

Silver Medal - IWSC 2019 - London.