50ml Griottines®
  • 50ml Griottines®
  • 50ml Griottines®
  • 50ml Griottines®
  • 50ml Griottines®
  • Griottines® Mini-pot 1,8 cl

50ml Griottines®

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1,8 cl, 15% vol.


50ml with or without a red presentation box, 15% vol.

Met with critical acclaim all over the world,Griottines® are deliciously flavorsome Morello cherries that have been pitted and prepared in a liqueur, made using a unique recipe that is kept a closely guarded secret. Big is delightful and small is beautiful.

The small version of Griottines®, but maximum enjoyment!

Expiration date: at least 1 year.

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Delicious pitted Morello cherries, both crunchy and tender due to the generosity of their flesh. An incomparable flavor that has never been matched!

Médaille d'Argent au Inside Food And Spirits Competition, 2018

Médaille d'Or aux SIP Awards - IRVING, USA 2016